About Mosjøen

Mosjøen, Helgeland’s oldest city, is a pleasant small town with a charming and comfortable atmosphere.

Mosjøen is a natural hub and communication centre in the Helgeland district. The E6 motorway as well as the railway runs through the city, and Mosjøen Airport is just outside the city centre. Buses to and from other cities in the Helgeland region correspond every day with the train schedule. From Mosjøen, the FV 78 motorway goes out towards the Helgeland coast, and the E6 route through Helgeland has been greatly improved. The town is centrally located in the Helgeland district, and in the middle of Norway. There are approximately 13,300 inhabitants in the municipality of Vefsn, which has an area of 1894 km².

The business sector in Mosjøen is varied, with a positive development in many sectors such as oil and gas related enterprises, process industry (Alcoa Mosjøen), private and business related services, tourism and retail. With its central location, Mosjøen has developed into being an attractive commerce town. The city has a distinctive and varied city centre consisting of café culture and local attractive specialty shops. This gives the city a special charm, and a sought-after complement to the downtown shopping centre Sjøsiden and Helgeland Handelspark.

The city has a rich selection of festivities and happenings, and is often referred to as «the capitol of culture and events» in Helgeland In recent years, adventure tourism in Mosjøen has received great attention both nationally and internationally, Via Ferrata, The Helgeland Stairs (Helgelandstrappa), the City Beach and Mosjøen Zipline are all very popular tourist attractions.

A strong identity for Mosjøen is its oldest part, the Sjøgata area. This street with wooden house architecture from around the 19th century shows Mosjøen’s development from trading place to city, and is the best preserved wooden house settlement in Northern Norway. Other points of interest such as Helgeland Museum, Dolstad Church, City Park and art galleries are just some of the things that will make an impression during city walks in Mosjøen.

Every year you can experience, amongst other things, the international ski race – Bysprinten, Galleria Art Festival / Festspillene på Helgeland, Tiendebytte – Norway’s oldest traditional market, Kippermocupen – one of the country’s largest weekend soccer tournaments. These are only a few of the many fabolous events taking place in Mosjøen. The town is the oldest in the Helgeland district, and is located at the end of the historic salmon river Vefsna, at the inlet of the Vefsnfjord.

Mosjøen has something for everyone, and there are many ingredients in the city’s content that provide economic growth, livelihood and well-being.