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Below are excerpts from Vefsn municipality’s strategic business plan, which is the basis for the work MON carries out. We present the three practical focus areas Slagkraft for business development, Attractive community and Society of the future. At the bottom you will find a link to the complete business plan in pdf.


It should be easy to establish yourself in Vefsn, and it will be arranged to have new large establishments located here. The local advantages must be made visible to a much greater extent, and through participation in relevant venues Vefsn should be noticed. At the same time, it must be facilitated for further development of existing businesses, and Vefsn must take a clear position as a business-friendly, ambitious and competitive municipality.

1.1 GOALS: Establishments on the commercial areas in the municipality


a) Facilitate and make commercial areas available for different industries.
b) Prepare marketing materials showing the advantages and opportunities that lie in establishing themselves in Vefsn.
c) Promotion of commercial areas where appropriate.
d) Have good dialogue and close interaction with local/regional businesses, Nordland county municipality, investor environments and relevant actors in the instrument apparatus.
e) Be active in relevant national and international arenas and build networks.
f) Be proactive and attend to inquiries regarding new business establishments in Vefsn.

1.2 GOALS: Driving forces for several government jobs to Vefsn municipality


a) In cooperation with local elected representatives be updated and see opportunities in the political regional and national processes.
b) Be a strategic player who interacts with local politicians, business and relevant interest associations.
c) Be a network builder.
d) Prioritise resources in the cases that have the greatest realization potential for the Vefsn community.

1.3 TARGET: Carry out a feasibility analysis for industrial park and/or business park in Vefsn


a) Establish a project group that conducts opportunity analysis for industrial parks and/or business parks in Vefsn.
b) Work to realise the feasibility study if it indicates that industrial park/industrial park is feasible. Implemented in close interaction with business in the municipality.

1.4 TARGET: Conduct a feasibility analysis for industrial park and/or business park in Vefsn


a) More targeted use of industry funds and other support schemes, as well as counselling.
b) Corporate networks – help local businesses work together in networks with the goal of developing business. Mosjøen Næringsforening’s industry network is an important starting point and a natural cooperative.
c) Disclosure – MON shall contribute to more disclosure of local business in relevant arenas..

1.5 TARGET: Work for the realization of a new freight terminal and assist in the development of Mosjøen as a freight hub in Helgeland.


a) Be at the disposal of the local project group for the new freight terminal.
b) Contribute administrative resources and be a network builder for the realization of a new freight terminal.
c) Contribute to increased freight transfer from car to track and boat in the region.


It should be exciting to work in Vefsn, and it should be attractive to live here. Therefore, it is important to facilitate different actors who contribute to well-being, pride, belonging and that make society more vibrant. The goal is to show nationally what Vefsn has to offer through clear and strategic marketing of the municipality in cooperation with the business community. Through this area of focus, efforts will be under way to create more creative jobs and further develop the tourism industry. Vefsn shall be a living community that seems both inside and outside Norway. If Vefsn is to succeed, the business community and MON/Vefsn municipality must work as a team. This should be achieved as follows;

2.1 GOALS: Make Mosjøen city and the Vefsn community more visible and attractive nationally and internationally


a) Develop and implement a marketing strategy and branding plan in cooperation with local business and interest associations.
b) Use various media strategically to make Vefsn more visible.
c) Work for greater presence and visibility in strategically important arenas through participation in conferences and seminars.
d) Prepare a presentation template that local businesses can use.

2.2. TARGET: To provide a larger footprint from Vefsn in regional recruitment or housing projects that Vefsn municipality participates in


a) MON wants to have a central role together with the HR department in Vefsn municipality, in local and regional recruitment and housing projects.

2.3. GOAL: Assist in further development of a sustainable tourism industry


a) Follow up and actively participate in the destination development project under the auspices of Vefsna Regional Park.
b) Be a driving force and follow up on the measures that appear in the master plan of the vefsna regional park project.

2.4. GOALS: Contribute in strengthening and facilitating study opportunities in Vefsn


a) Assist companies in facilitating so that students can come and carry out parts of their education course with local actors.
b) Support initiatives aimed at local competence needs.
c) Carry out feasibility analysis to see what opportunities and needs exist locally for the establishment of educational courses in Vefsn.

2.5. GOAL: Succeed with one or more local signal projects that contribute to local pride and increased attractiveness


a) Be a link between local business, the municipality and other relevant actors.
b) Assist in local competence raising as desired and needs.
c) Complete the projects re-establishment of salmon and the preservation of sea trout in the waterways in Vefsn, as well as the establishment of salmon stairs.

2.6. GOALS: More jobs in creative industries


a) Attract the necessary expertise that can assist in the further development of creative industries in Vefsn.
b) Assist in the further development of Mosjøen city and Vefsn municipality as creative centre in Helgeland.


Vefsn municipality is far down on the statistics when it comes to participation in innovation programmes. This must be reversed by raising the knowledge and expertise on the use of instruments, and assisting the actors who wish to take part in innovation culture, cooperation, the smart city concept and the green shift.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals shall be something the municipality fronts and takes ownership of, at the same time the business community must gain greater knowledge about the opportunities that lie here. Vefsn has the opportunity to be the centre of innovation in Helgeland. To take this position, initiatives such as ByLab or similar will be important. A ByLab (CityLab) will safeguard smart city initiatives, build R&D and innovation expertise and be a centre for cooperation and interaction across municipalities and businesses in the region, and safeguard citizen involvement.

In addition, the establishment of cluster projects will help to highlight local players, such as in the tourism industry, the event industry, important dining experiences or creative industries. A forward-thinking and modern society is created through;

3.1. OBJECTIVES: Increase expertise on innovation, R&D and instruments


a) Conduct courses, seminars and workshops to raise the knowledge of the instruments.
b) Assist in application processes and/or take initiative together with local actors.
c) Highlight participation in innovation projects.

3.2. GOALS: Regional entrepreneurial initiative


a) Actively use industry funds to strengthen the innovative and attractive entrepreneurial environments, as well as prioritise the focus on actors who create jobs.
b) Build up and drive a broad entrepreneurial service.
c) Follow-up of Nordland County Council and Innovation Norway’s entrepreneurial strategy.
d) Continuously work for contributions from national and regional development funds.

3.3. TARGET: Implement smart city initiative in the municipality


a) Increase awareness of and anchor the national Smart City roadmap and the opportunities that lie there.
b) Put in place signal projects that increase understanding of what the smart city concept entails.
c) Participate in relevant innovation programmes within Horizon Europe, the Research Council and, for example, targeted calls within smart city.
d) Participation in relevant networks, such as «smart districts and communities».
e) Assist local businesses in putting in place their own projects within smart city.
f) Take ownership of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and identify opportunities for the municipality and business within the circular economy.
g) Anchor the smart city investment locally.

3.4. GOAL: Feasibility analysis Vefsn ByLab


a) Establish a project group and carry out feasibility analysis to establish a ByLab or similar initiative in Vefsn.
b) Work to realize ByLab in Vefsn, in close cooperation with the municipality, business and political actors.

3.5. GOAL: Cluster project in Vefsn


a) Take the initiative to establish a cluster project based on local advantages where Vefsn is the main headquarters of the organization.
b) Assist in the establishment of such network locally, with the aim of reaching arena status

Strategic Business Plan 2021-2024
Strategic Business Plan 2021-2024

Read the business plan in full here.