Development of Mosjøen as a regional centre

With the support of Nordland County Council and Vefsn business fund, MON is working to develop the regional centre Mosjøen and the surrounding area as attractive to residents and tourism.

The reason for the project is the need to attract newcomers / retain residents and that parts of Mosjøen city centre are characterized by empty premises. In addition, several government jobs have been moved out of the municipality, which affects attractiveness.

To respond to this problem, a project has been established consisting of the following three parts;

  • Further develop Sjøgata and look at the possibility of Sjøgata as a World Heritage Site. The aim is to develop a strategy and long-term process for further development of Sjøgata, including looking at the possibility of Sjøgata as a World Heritage Site.
  • Conduct feasibility study for Mosjøen upper secondary school, department center. The goal is the completion of a feasibility study and recommendation for further work.
  • Develop a smart city strategy that puts citizens at the center, adopt new technologies and promote sustainable solutions and local workplaces.
Ida M. Larsen

For further info, please contact:

Ida M. Larsen
Phone: (+47) 976 91 964