Recruit school Drevjamoen

HV 14 is currently located at Drevjamoen in Vefsn municipality, and is located in the middle of its area of responsibility stretching from the trøndelag border in the south to Tysfjord in the north. In the Long-Term Report from the Chief of Defence, it is proposed to centralize the recruiting in the Army to Terningmoen.

We are working to establish a recruiting school for Army soldiers at Drevjamoen to attend to Brigade Nord’s recruits.

Helgeland Regional Council, Indre Helgeland Regional Council and Salten Regional Council have submitted a likely consultation statement in which support is supported for a future recruiting school at Drevjamoen. Nordland County Council is also behind the project.

Espen Isaksen

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Espen Isaksen
Phone: (+47) 924 85 601