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Business plan for the municipality of Vefsn

The business plan is the framework for Vefsn municipality’s industrial policy, and is designed so that the municipality can lead a strategic and long-term facilitation for the business sector as well as ensure development and growth in the local community. In addition, it is related to the local challenges we face, namely that population development decreases while the average age goes up.

In the preparation of the business plan, open surveys, workshops with the business community have been carried out, as well as several internal and external meetings to ensure input from different parts of the local community. This process has provided MON with a good and solid foundation in the design of both opportunity analysis, slogans, focus areas and objectives within the various priority areas.

The slogan of the business plan is; Energy in center!
For MON, the slogan represents our geographical location, our foremost advantage, human energy, dedication and creativity, and innovation and sustainability. The slogan was created on the basis of a workshop with the business community, and we would like to invite local business players to use the slogan in their own way and with their interpretation when we start the work of turning around the local challenges.

The three priority areas are;

  • Impact force for business development
  • Attractive community
  • The society of the future.

These three priority areas are closely linked, and we are dependent on the success of all three, and we will turn around the local challenges. The first area of focus, Impact force for business development, is about positioning Vefsn as a business-friendly, ambitious and competitive municipality. The second area of focus, Attractive community, is about it being attractive to live in our municipality, and we will show what we have to offer both regionally and nationally. The last focus area, the Society of the future, will stimulate an increased focus on sustainability, research and development, innovation and the green shift.

In addition, a total of 16 goals have been set out with associated strategies to help us realise the focus areas.

Read excerpts from the Strategic Business Plan

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Strategic Business Plan 2021-2024
Current business plan
Ida M. Larsen

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