Business plan for the municipality of Vefsn

MON prepares Vefsn’s strategic business plan for 2021-2024. The business plan is the framework for the municipality of Vefsn’s business policy during the current planning period, and is designed so that the municipality can lead a strategic and long-term facilitation for the business sector.

Theplan shall be related to challenges and objectives in the municipal plan’s social part, but also related to challenges in local business.

The industrial plan consists of a vision, areas of focus and measures. It is prepared based on input from several surveys and work meetings with different actors in the local community. In addition, a feasibility analysis has been prepared looking at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business community in Vefsn municipality. The industry plan is closely related to the results of the feasibility analysis.

Ida M. Larsen

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Ida M. Larsen
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