Vefsn business fund

According to overall guidelines from the municipality, the Vefsn business fund has from the start been a vehicle for supporting the development of the business sector in Vefsn.

The fund is used in accordance with the current industry plan for Vefsn municipality at all times. Projects that lead to the development of jobs are given priority. Emphasis is placed on an increase in the number of jobs especially for women and adolescents.

The main instrument for the fund is grants. Ordinary loans are not provided, as such financing is left to financial institutions such as the banks and Innovation Norway.

Start-up grants can be made by business establishment, investment grants, pre-project grants, product development, planning, market research and marketing. Smaller training measures that are not normally financed through Innovation Norway or NAV may also receive support.

For further information see guidelines for Vefsn Næringsfond.

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